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Frequently Asked Questions
Should I book the venue first?

Yes. It is always a good idea to book the venue first. This is ideally one of the initial steps for any event, since most venues will be unavailable unless booked as least 6-12 months out. A rough guest count, budget, and the theme you're going for will generally help dictate your venue selection. Once your venue is booked, we will be there to help your theme come to life.

Do I need to help with setup?

No, you do not need to help with setup. Simply grant us access to your venue to setup at the discussed time and we'll take it from there. If there are some additional items that you need to get ready or you have additional vendors that need direction, then you (or your event coordinator) are welcome to be there while we are setting up. 

Should I allow time for setup when reserving my venue?

Yes. For most venues they are aware that decorators may be coming. They can open up the location for us if they are aware we will be arriving. This may require you to book you venue location for additional hours prior to your event start time. This depends on the rules of your venue.

Full event décor and wedding collections require 3-5 hours to set up depending on the size of your event. Smaller events and treat setups generally require 1-2 hours. Available setup time that is less then recommended may be associated with additional fees. 

To ensure we are able to utilize the time the allotted time appropriately, we ask that no event guests be allowed into the event area until we have completed our setup.

Should I allow time for teardown when reserving my venue?

Yes. Some venues have a hard closing time. In those instances, your event should wrap up early enough to allow for us to teardown.

Full event décor and wedding collection require 1-2.5 hours to tear down depending on the size of your event. Smaller events and treat setups generally require 30-60minutes.

We recommend doing a last call for food, drinks, pictures in front of decorations, etc. if the event is still going strong 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to the agreed upon teardown time.

Do I need to help with teardown?

No. You and your guests do not need to assist with our teardown. Simply leave all rental items as is and we will take care of it. We do ask that you make a reasonable effort to clean up food, drinks, and waste from the event space. Excessive event clean up may be associated with additional fees.

To avoid disruption to your event, we may delay our teardown until enough of your guests have left. If this requires us to rush with our teardown, then additional fees may be associated. We recommend doing a last call for food, drinks, pictures in front of decorations, etc. if the event is still going strong 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to the agreed upon teardown time. Another option is stopping the music 15-30minutes prior to the agreed upon teardown time.

Are event designers the same thing as event planners?

No. Although we do offer event planning services for a fee, event designers and event planners are different. Likewise an event designer is not the same thing as a wedding planner, wedding coordinator, or venue coordinator.

An event designer, like us for instance, is contracted to design and decorate your event.

A wedding planner or event planner is contracted to determine all of your wedding / event vendors and overall logistics. This includes finding a venue, caterer, event decorator, florist, baker, lodging, etc. Additionally a planner is supposed to ensure save-the-dates, invitations, etc. are on schedule.

A wedding or event coordinator (also known as a "day of" coordinator) is contracted to ensure the logistics for the day of your event runs smoothly. This may or may not be part of the service offered by your planner.

A venue coordinator is responsible for the event venue itself. They would be the one unlocking the venue day of. Depending on the venue, they may also be responsible for setting out tables / chairs and various custodial services. This is likely the person or team you talked with when booking your venue initially.

Can you simply plan my event?

Yes, we do offer that service if desired. You will still be responsible for paying all vendors selected in addition to our event planning fee

How are treats / stationary delivered?

These will shipped to the location you specified prior to your requested order fulfillment date. If your specified location is within the main service area, then this could be hand delivered if desired.

What if I need my treats / stationary early?

Your treats or stationary will arrive on or before the date submitted with your order. Naturally to ensure freshness, treats are generally completed shortly before your fulfillment date. We will try to accommodate getting your order to you sooner. However we make no guarantees that we can fulfill your order earlier then requested. We always recommend that the submitted order date is cognizant of when you actually need the treats or stationary.

What is the cost of your services?

Please look to our product pages for details on specific item costs. When booking with us, you will receive a personalized quote for events on the exact pricing.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept cash, CashApp, checks, Venmo, and Zelle.

Do you accept credit card payments?

No, we currently do not accept credit card payments.

What if I only have a few ideas about how I want my event to look?

No worries. That's what we are here for. If you desire décor for the entire event, then it is best to select one of the bundled full event décor, kids event décor, or wedding collections. We will bring those design ideas to life.

What sort of feedback do I receive leading up to my event?

The first step after your submission is a consultation call to discuss the specifics of your event (for smaller orders this may occur by other forms of communication). You will receive quote(s) and subsequently a contract and invoice based on your requests. You will have the opportunity to note additional considerations or changes desired at that time. From that point onward until your event occurs, you can receive floor layouts and additional images of design aspects upon request. Glamorous Events & Designs desires to make this as hassle-free as possible for you, so that you can focus on other aspects of your event.

What if I desire additional consultation calls or an event walkthrough?

No problem. Simply contact us and if need be we will arrange a time with you. If you have yet to book, then there will be a fee associated with additional consultation calls or an event walkthrough. Upon booking, those fees will be credited from your order total. If you are already booked, then we will be coordinating with you throughout the design process. For full events and weddings, one event walkthrough is complimentary. However we encourage this walkthrough to be closer to your event once most aspects of the day have been finalized. 

What if I want to change aspects of my event after the initial discussion?

Any changes require the entire design to be re-worked to ensure your event remains beautiful. That being said, we recognize that things change. Simply inform us of those changes, and we will incorporate those into the design if possible. Recognize that large design changes may incur additional costs that will be passed on to you. This will be reflected on future invoices and a new contract may be required. Thus we encourage you to keep changes to a minimum, since the design process begins the moment you have booked with us.

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