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Treats to serve any taste combined with designs to match any theme. 

fans wedding.JPEG

Need some custom favors that aren't so edible? From personalized invitations to decorative fans, there's plenty of options right here.

Need some more flair?Decorative balloons, backdrops, entryways, signage, and more to suit your needs.

Need a few extra items to help your event shine? This might be what you're looking for.


Sleek? Check. Elegant? Check. Draping can give any event some extra glam.

Gold and Pink Lux Baby Shower (2).JPEG

Why get just one treat when you can have several. Great way to have something for every taste.

Bridal Shower (1).JPEG

Flowers can set an event apart. If flowers are your jam, then here's a good place to start.

Bridal Shower (2).JPEG

Just Relax. We've got the Glam!

Deck out your party from the ground up. Tablecloths, centerpieces, backdrops, props, and more. Just get the venue, and we'll glamour it out.

Unicorn birthday 2.JPEG

Just Relax. We've got the Glam!

The little ones can still party in style and have the adults along for the ride. Just get the venue, and we'll glamour it out.

Candyland 5.JPEG

Just Relax. We've got the Glam!

Luxurious surroundings are a given. Once you have the venue, you can leave the decorating to us. That way you can focus on enjoying your special day.

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