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COVID Disclaimer

(Formerly known as 2019 novel coronavirus)

Glamorous Event Planning, LLC recognizes the past and current public health concerns of COVID-19 (formerly known as 2019 novel coronavirus) and the impact this can have on events. Fortunately the country is at a different place in regards to COVID19, then it was earlier this year. Thus special considerations will be given if you request our services at this time. Since Governor DeWine and the Biden administration have recommended limiting the size of gatherings whenever possible, we recognize that any events scheduled may have to be altered if the United States is not past this COVID-19 pandemic by the time of your event.  If your event ultimately has to be rescheduled for safety concerns related to COVID-19, Glamorous Events & Designs will credit or partially refund the entirety of your payments thus far if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You have booked your event more than 2 months ahead of your event/order fulfillment date.*

  2. You have informed Glamorous Events & Designs of the cancellation / need to reschedule at least 30 days ahead of your event date.*

*If a specific COVID-19 pandemic related shutdown is in place at the time of your event date, then the two aforementioned criteria do not need to be met to be eligible for the credit or partial refund.

Glamorous Events & Designs will as always work with you to find a new time that we are able to accommodate. However if there is not a time that works for Glamorous Events & Designs and yourself, then Glamorous Events & Designs will credit or partially refund the entirety of your payments including the retainer fee (which is generally non-refundable to utilize our services) for any event scheduled at this time. Credited payments will be applied to any event you request regardless of similarity to your prior event for up to 2 years from the initial event date. Glamorous Events & Designs hopes the impact of COVID-19 will decrease, and our hearts go out to those directly and indirectly affected by COVID-19. However during this troubling time, we will as always work with you to decorate your event to the fullest.​

~the team at Glamorous Events & Designs

Disclaimer about COVID-19.

We recognize that scheduling events during this time comes with more uncertainty than usual.

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